As a leader, you want a cohesive team. Our Chrome Solutions experts propose this starts with a strong communication culture. Let’s explore what this entails.

Transparency is absolutely necessary for any team to grow successfully. Without it, associates try to find answers for themselves. Gossip becomes fact. This can be damaging. Our Chrome Solutions pros advise that you need to be upfront with your associates about objectives, issues your company is facing, and your expectations for them. When you develop an organization centered on clear, concise, and transparent communication, you develop trust. Your team members feel confident that they are doing the right things necessary to move forward.

Don’t limit communication to your team alone. Our Chrome Solutions executives recommend that you foster collaboration between departments. You want your associates to understand each other’s roles and how their efforts integrate to make a difference in the company’s goal attainment. By sharing ideas, they’ll find more opportunities to improve processes as well. Conversely, silos (where teams don’t share amongst themselves) create a culture of secrecy, which is as damaging as a lack of transparency.

If your team is diverse in terms of experiences and thoughts, keep this in mind as you encourage communication. This means active listening and being empathetic to what others have to say. It’s about creating a workplace in which everyone’s ideas are valued.

When you get your communication in place, great things will happen.