As we continue to exceed our Chrome Solutions expansion goals, we seek business-minded people to join our team. Those with positive attitudes, strong work ethics, and perseverance will be perfect fits for our supportive culture. Michael, our firm’s President, commented, “We’re always open to interviewing people with different types of backgrounds and experience levels. Having said that, there are a few key attributes we look for in any potential hire.”

Intelligence is obviously at the top of the list when it comes to desirable traits in a jobseeker. Michael has one specific way to identify this quality during an interview. He explained, “You can tell a person is smart by how many questions he or she asks. This is especially true when the questions relate to the skills needed to thrive in a given position and how success is measured within the company. Asking about these things shows the right kind of curiosity and a desire to excel right off the bat.”

We also want to know that any potential addition to Team Chrome Solutions brings adaptability to the table. Our hiring managers ask candidates about times when they’ve adjusted to changing conditions on the fly. If someone has the ability to adapt to emerging trends and customer needs, he or she is a good bet to succeed with our firm.

These are the things we look and listen for during interviews. For more on how we approach hiring, check out Chrome Solutions on Facebook.