We’re excited to expand our Chrome Solutions contact lists at an upcoming conference in New York City. Michael, our firm’s President, stated, “I plan on bringing two associates with me to this Manhattan gathering. There will be leaders and top performers from all across our industry in attendance, so we’ll come back with plenty of valuable insights to put into action. I’m glad our company can provide these kinds of exciting travel incentives.”

Michael has a few simple bits of advice for networking at crowded industry events. He stated, “I think the first thing you have to do is set some concrete goals so that interactions are meaningful. If our team members focus on connecting with a handful of people and then let those potential contacts do most of the talking, they’ll have more success.”

It’s also important for us to introduce ourselves in the most effective manner. Michael commented, “I remind members of Team Chrome Solutions to have elevator pitches in mind before they go to a conference or big event of any kind. The goal should be to offer your name, the company you work for, and a bit about your professional background in about 30 seconds.”

We’re ready to make the most of the networking potential in New York City. Like Chrome Solutions on [Facebook] for updates on all our travel events.