At Chrome Solutions, we’ve developed an advancement plan for our associates that allows them to grow their careers with us. We also realize we’re rare in this thinking. For most companies, promotions tend to be less geared toward individuals and more of a free-for-all, competitive experience. These tips will help you stay ahead of the competition:

  • Solve Problems: Here’s a tip our Chrome Solutions managers love: be a problem solver. This does not just apply to issues that are your responsibility. This can also be an opportunity to shine by presenting an innovative solution to a team or company-wide challenge. Consider processes that you and your colleagues struggle with and how you might improve or reengineer.
  • Be Consistent: Your performance is not just noticed at review time. According to our Chrome Solutions professionals, you need to be on your game every day. Always be thinking of how you can help customers, team members, and other stakeholders. Continually strive to exceed expectations and ensure positive outcomes.
  • Move On: If you find that despite your best efforts, there’s no room for growth, you might need to devise an exit strategy. Review your skill set, fill any gaps, and research other opportunities. You’ll find that sometimes moving on will bring you far greater rewards than waiting patiently for opportunities unlikely to materialize.

Your chances of being promoted are greatly enhanced through these actions.