Learning new things as we achieve big goals reflects the Chrome Solutions ethos. Our internal training sessions help us maintain our competitive edge. We keep the following concepts in mind as we create and implement these educational programs.

One thing we always try to do when setting up internal training initiatives is gather plentiful input from our entire team. If we expect to serve their developmental needs, we need to know the areas in which they feel improvement is necessary. We’re able to devise learning opportunities that align with our people’s unique skills and specific weaknesses.

We also leverage the expertise of our leaders when we plan Chrome Solutions training programs. This is especially true for new additions to our team, whom we pair with experienced managers from their first days on the job. Our leaders have built up their careers from the ground level with our firm, so they know exactly what it takes to reach great heights.

Identifying the best content for training is another common practice around our office. We frequently take advantage of the most cost-effective options, including TED Talks and other online videos that offer powerful motivational insights.

These are a few things we keep in mind as we prepare learning activities for our executives. Check out the Chrome Solutions Newswire to stay up to date on our developmental efforts.