Are you someone who is often at a loss when it comes to behavior at networking events? Our Chrome Solutions experts recommend that you relax a little and put these ideas into practice.

Your frame of mind is most important. Therefore, our Chrome Solutions professionals suggest that you focus on what you bring to the table. Consider the talents, skills, knowledge, and access to other connections that make you valuable to others. When you mentally approach networking as a chance to help those you meet, you’ll find that your confidence rapidly grows.

You should avoid being the center of attention at functions. Instead, our Chrome Solutions associates propose that you commit to learning more about those around you and put them in the spotlight. Ask open-ended questions, specifically those that will garner more detailed responses. Start your inquiries with what, where, why, and how in order to capture these individuals’ insights.

Once you’ve made connections, you want to identify the best way in which to contact them. The options can vary between social media (LinkedIn is the most business-oriented venue), email, text, or by phone. Wait until the following day and then send a reminder message to reintroduce yourself. Maintain your connections so that when you need them, they remember who you are.

Networking doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor when you focus on others to connect.