Travel incentives are some of the best rewards we enjoy as members of Team Chrome Solutions. From relaxing retreats to educational conferences, we have plenty of chances to expand our horizons. Michael, our firm’s President, explained that the insights and contacts we gain away from the office enhance our teamwork within it.

We apply a few simple strategies to make the most of every travel opportunity. When it comes to networking, we do some research before each event so that we know who will be there and what we might want to discuss. With a few icebreakers already in mind, it’s much easier to forge lasting connections that pay off in the future.

When adding contacts at conferences, retreats, and other functions, we set modest goals for ourselves. Rather than try to collect as many business cards as possible, we focus on making a handful of genuine connections. If we come back to the Chrome Solutions office with three or four promising leads, we feel that our trip has been a success.

Knowing all about our travel arrangements well in advance also makes our trips more productive. We adapt when necessary, but having everything squared away ahead of time makes for low-stress excursions that provide significant benefits.

We’re always up for a team trip to broaden our knowledge and skill sets. Check out the Chrome Solutions Newswire for regular travel updates.