Many businesses have made giving back part of their strategies. While some teams prefer to donate to local causes, others want to help a wide range of organizations. If you prefer a diversified approach, the Chrome Solutions management team would like to suggest some services that are in the business of promoting social responsibility:
• B1G1: Buy One Give One helps companies link the sales of products to specific causes. For example, every time you sell a cup of coffee, a portion of the proceeds could go to a nonprofit organization that feeds hungry children.

• 1% for the Planet: When businesses join this organization, they can market themselves as being good to the environment. One percent of each company’s sales goes to over 3,500 nonprofit organizations that help the planet.

• TisBest: Companies can give consumers and team members the ability to choose where their donations are used. TisBest provides gift cards that can be spent on the recipient’s charity of choice. Our Chrome Solutions team has used these cards as part of our holiday promotion with much success!

• Place2Give: Choosing a charity can be a daunting task. Place2Give helps companies identify causes that align with their values. The service also manages its own charitable foundation, so teams can opt to donate to Place2Give, which will allocate funds to causes that need the most help.

Our Chrome Solutions team wants you to put more emphasis on giving back. We hope these services will help you find ways to make the world a better place.