Congratulations! You have been promoted into a management role. Now that you are embarking on a new career path, you probably have many questions about how you should proceed. Members of the Chrome Solutions management team have been there before you, so we would like to offer you some time-tested advice.
First, don’t be concerned about your age. As a leader, you will be managing people who are younger than you and individuals who are twice your age. Your effectiveness will be measured on how quickly you learn the ropes and how well you do your job. If you require inspiration, remember that Mark Zuckerberg was in his 20s when he founded Facebook!
Effective leaders demonstrate authenticity, so don’t become a different person in the office. Therefore, make an effort to build relationships with the people on your team. When things are going well, take everyone out to celebrate. Conversely, offer your assistance when your team needs guidance and a shoulder to lean on.
The Chrome Solutions management training program is challenging, because the role of a manager is difficult. You have to think on your feet, and occasionally make uncomfortable decisions. On occasion, you will make mistakes. If you find that you made an error with the best intentions, determine how you can get things back on track. Be honest with your team and explain the circumstances. Humility is an important aspect of your position.
Being a manager is an amazing opportunity, because you get to solve interesting problems and work with talented individuals. Our Chrome Solutions team hopes these suggestions will help you start your new career on the right foot.