Career development is an important part of business. If you nurture your associates, they will pay you back with increased productivity and higher job satisfaction. Over the past few years, our Chrome Solutions team has developed a training curriculum that has produced positive results. Here is how you can build a program that will benefit your team and your business:
• Empower Your Managers: The role of the manager has evolved, and many leaders have moved away from mentoring. Carve out time for managers to provide hands-on training to their people. They will become more passionate about helping their associates grow.

• Define Objectives: A training program should have well-defined goals and objectives. For instance, if you are interested in improving retention, measure the attrition rate. At Chrome Solutions, we conduct surveys to see if coursework meets the needs of our associates.

• Grow in Spurts: Technology is constantly changing, which means information becomes outdated within a short period of time. Develop modular programs that will enable team members to learn individual topics quickly.

• Work With Virtual Teams: Career development can be difficult when people are spread across the globe. Use online tools to provide training for distributed teams. Also, find ways to bring individuals together on a regular basis.

We hope you will adopt the Chrome Solutions approach and invest in your team’s development. When your people realize you are there to help them grow, they will view their work as a chance to expand their horizons.