We’re excited to announce that Team Chrome Solutions will soon be heading to Newport, California for a national conference. There will be top leaders from all across our industry at this event, so it’s sure to offer amazing networking potential. We’ll also be able to learn valuable tips for sustaining success and share details on what makes our outreach campaigns so unique.

Michael, our firm’s President, explained that our associates get to learn what it takes to be a successful leader when we attend big industry gatherings. The importance of setting clear expectations is a common topic of discussion at these types of events, which we’ve taken to heart around the Chrome Solutions office. We make sure everyone is on the same page as we tackle each new challenge.

Clear communication is another vital leadership attribute we get to sharpen when we travel as a team. Not only do we learn valuable tips from accomplished frontrunners who are skilled communicators, we interact with all kinds of high-achieving peers. We become more confident in speaking with potential customers and contacts the more we build our networks at industry events. The fact that we also grow closer to our colleagues in the process is just icing on the cake.

We’re ready to make the most of our trip to Newport. Check out the Chrome Solutions Newswire for updates from the road.