One of the success strategies we swear by is the power of association. We know that when we spend time with high achievers, we begin to emulate their attitudes and behaviors. While we get face to face with our heroes whenever we can, we also follow influencers on social media. These are five Chrome Solutions favorites:

• Richard Branson: If there was ever a person who made being rich look fun, it’s Sir Branson. His favorite topics include combating climate change, following your dreams and the importance of family.

• James Caan: Recruitment Guide, a platform that trains recruiters, is just the latest of this business mogul’s business ideas. Team Chrome Solutions appreciates his insights on startups, entrepreneurship, and HR practices, among others.

• Bill Gates: We continue to be impressed by Microsoft’s cofounder. Not only is he the richest person in the world, but he’s also one of the most generous. We like keeping up with the causes he and his wife champion, as well as taking heed of his book reviews and career advice.

• Ryan Holmes: CEO and founder of Hootsuite, we appreciate hearing what Ryan Holmes has to say about building companies and brands. His insights on workplace practices and artificial intelligence are impactful too.

• Bernard Marr: While he’s an expert on big data, analytics, and AI, Bernard Marr also has some great ideas on boosting productivity and building your personal brand.

We appreciate learning from and becoming like these five frontrunners through their LinkedIn profiles. See what other major influencers we look up to by following our Chrome Solutions Newswire feed.