When people enter the Chrome Solutions office, they can feel the energy that we produce as we create exciting outreach campaigns for our national service partners. The enthusiasm that permeates our environment really helps incoming associates feel welcome. To bolster that sense of belonging, we recently initiated a New Member Program.

Celina, our administrator, discussed the purpose of this program and shared that it is “A great way for new members to get one-on-one time to ask questions and get a good idea of what Chrome Solutions is about.” As associates join our fold, we want them to become immersed in our fun company culture as well as learn about their own roles, how they fit in, and where they can go within our organization.

How can any company establish a solid foundation for new hires? Here are just a few best practices:

• Assign an Office Buddy: At Chrome Solutions, we have an excellent coaching program that allows our newest executives a chance to learn from our experienced pros. Pairing people with peers when they first join our office helps them gain confidence and feel included. Even inviting a person to lunch on their first day can help make the transition smoother.

• Have a Formal Onboarding Process: It’s important to have everything ready for a team member from day one. This includes a space to work, a training plan, and an agenda to follow.

• Find Time for a Group Welcome: Our frequent team nights and other events help our people become better acquainted as they unwind together.

We want everyone who works here to succeed from the start. Like us on Facebookfor snapshots of the fun we have together.