Michael, our Chrome Solutions President, was happy to highlight our holiday season giveback efforts. He explained that we participate in the Salvation Army Angels event every year, helping to make the season brighter for less-fortunate children in our area.

Celina, an admin with our firm, explained that she loves supporting the Salvation Army mission. She stated, “This is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid, so it’s really neat to do this in the office. We pick a number of kids – boys and girls of any age range. It’s usually kids who live in homeless shelters or whose families can’t afford Christmas gifts. We get their wish lists and get them what they want.”

Our emphasis on teamwork around the Chrome Solutions office comes in handy as we create social impact through Salvation Army Angels. Celina added, “We like to break off in teams within the office to try to achieve everything on each kid’s list.” The positive energy we generate as we work together for this amazing cause carries over into big projects on the job. For that reason, Michael believes giving to the Salvation Army Angels program is the ideal way to charge into every new year with winning momentum.

We’re always excited to support great causes during the holidays. Follow Chrome Solutions on Twitter for updates on all our team giving endeavors.