With football season in full swing, we’ve been thinking about effective sideline leadership around the Chrome Solutions office. We see a lot of parallels between guiding winning teams on the gridiron and inspiring big wins in the business world. Michael, our firm’s President, explained that great coaching is part of it. We also need practice, hard work, and coming together as a team for our firm to thrive. He added that like winning football coaches, business leaders must share their hopes, beliefs, dreams, and values with their team members.

Some of the best coaches in football history have applied key leadership concepts we use every day. Vince Lombardi, the legendary Packers field general of the 60s, believed in showing his players the reasons for what he wanted them to do rather than just telling them. He treated team members with respect and didn’t shout as much as many of his coaching peers.

We also aren’t afraid to shake up our Chrome Solutions approach when necessary. Making adjustments is one of the key duties of every football coach as well. Bear Bryant, the longtime leader of the University of Alabama football program, switched to the wishbone offense in 1971 after several mediocre seasons. It was a bold move that helped the team win three national titles in a decade.

These are just two examples of how football coaches and top-notch business leaders achieve major wins. Follow Chrome Solutions on Instagram for more of our successful wisdom.