Michael, our Chrome Solutions President, recently took several of our firm’s top leaders with him to a prestigious event in the heart of Texas. The Dallas Top Leaders Conference was the occasion. It was an amazing chance for our people to learn and build their networks. Michael explained that these types of gatherings are ideal ways for us to position ourselves for steady career advancement.

Connecting with accomplished pros is one of the prime benefits of industry conferences. When we venture out to Dallas and other bustling cities, we get to spend time with influential leaders and high-achieving peers at the same time. We learn so much just from being around these successful people, including the different techniques they use to sustain their competitive edge in other markets.

We also gain fresh insights by listening to keynote speeches and attending breakout sessions. Not only do we get to hear about how top leaders have overcome obstacles to get where they are, we also receive hands-on training from subject experts of all kinds. When we return to the Chrome Solutions office, we’re more motivated than ever to achieve major victories through unique methods.

When we hit the road with our Chrome Solutions colleagues, we expand our professional horizons and forge stronger connections with each other. To learn more about our travel plans and how we benefit from every big event, follow us on Instagram.